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"Planet ISO has successfully helped 400+ companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries achieve certification to the AS 9100, AS 9120, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 standards."

ISO 9001:2015 is the most popular and widely used Quality Management Standard and it is particularly popular in the manufacturing industry. When an organization gets ISO certified, the Certifying Body is putting it’s stamp of approval in that every aspect of the business is well run and continually improving. The Key Processes for most Organizations are Contract Review, Purchasing, Production, and Design and Development (if applicable). The support process within the standard are Internal Audits, Training (HR), Service, Customer Satisfaction, Documentation and Management Roles and Responsibilities.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the above-mentioned Key Processes, Internal Audits are conducted. These Internal Audits, which can be performed within the Organization are usually done by a third-party consulting firm. In order for the audits to be conducted internally by an employee of the organization, the individual must be unbiased and cannot audit their own work. For example, the Purchasing Manager cannot audit the Purchasing Process and Sales cannot audit the Contract Review process. With that being said, it may be difficult for the HR Manager to audit the Purchasing Process just as it may be difficult for the Sales Manager to audit Design and Development. This is why most Organizations choose to hire a consulting company within proven experience. By hiring a consulting company to conduct the annually required Internal Audit per ISO 9001:2015, your organization has a fresh set of eyes when evaluating the effectiveness of your processes. However, if your organization has several locations throughout the US, you may find value in having the Production Manager from you Dallas Texas Facility audit the Production activities at Los Angeles, California facility.

Often times it’s easy to overlook disconnects in a process or find opportunities for improvement when you’ve done the same thing for a long period of time. Therefore, third party Internal Audits are valuable in a sense that consultants usually have vast experience with many organizations in several different industries. With this comes new tools and best practices that can be offered and implemented at your organization. Although 3rd party consultants can be found all across the US, Southern California including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County is the mecca of the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry. Location is an important aspect to consider when searching for your consultant since travel expenses are usually an additional cost accrued in the internal audit process.





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